Mission, Vision, and Values

At the Chattanooga Area Food Bank, we believe everyone deserves the right to hate broccoli….or honeydew, or brussel sprouts, or tomatoes.

What does that mean? It means that for many who struggle with hunger in our region, fresh fruits and vegetables are not even an option for their families due to limited funds and geographic access. But we are putting fresh foods back on the menu. Our plan involves a new mission, a network that is 380 partners strong, and community support from you. Let’s move forward and leave hunger behind.

Putting Fresh Food On the Menu from Chattanooga Area Food Bank on Vimeo.

The mission of the Chattanooga Area Food Bank is to lead a network of partners in eliminating hunger and promoting better nutrition in our region.

Our Vision

The Chattanooga Area Food Bank envisions a region where access to healthy food helps people move toward greater self-sufficiency, and where the Chattanooga Area Food Bank leads efforts to end hunger in our time.

Our Core Values

At the Chattanooga Area Food Bank, we believe:

  • All people are worthy of dignity and respect
  • Lack of access to nourishing food is an urgent need in our region
  • Food is a path to self-sufficiency and not just an end in itself
  • Access to local and  healthy food is critical to a prosperous and sustainable community
  • In always working collaboratively
  • In operating efficiently and with the highest ethical standards