Children’s Programs

1 in 4 children struggle with hunger in our region. Unthinkable? Visit any public school and ask a teacher if hunger exists – especially on Monday morning when poor children have been without access to their free or reduced school meals over the weekend. Hunger is real, it’s right here in our community, and it’s affecting how our children learn and grow.

The Chattanooga Area Food Bank is working every day to eliminate child  hunger in our region. Our network of 380 community partners are offering feeding programs and pantries to families across 20 counties in southeast Tennessee and northwest Georgia. In addition to these programs, the Chattanooga Area Food Bank operates the Sack Pack and Kids Cafe programs to further combat child hunger.

A Sack Pack Mom’s “Thanks” from Chattanooga Area Food Bank on Vimeo.

Sack Pack

More than 2,100 children in 24 schools across our region look forward to receiving their Sack Packs every Friday at school during the school year. Why? Each sack is full of basic food items that children love and can depend on to provide them with enough food to get through the weekend. Things like cereal, milk, juice, fruit, granola bars, soup, mac and cheese, and other simple items that make the difference between hunger and nourishment for many children.

For the Chattanooga Area Food Bank, the program is a no-brainer. Kids are hungry and we feed them. And at just $2.25 per Sack Pack, a donation to the program is one you can feel good about.  GIVE TODAY or call (423) 622-1800 to ask about sponsoring a school, or to learn more, you can CLICK HERE.

Kid’s Cafe

Kid’s Cafe partners with after-school programs to provide meals to the children they serve.  These after-school programs are a safe haven for children whose parents are at work when the school day ends and there is no one at home.  Once a week, the Food Bank serves a nutritious meal to children attending the program.

During the last school year, the Food Bank’s Kid’s Cafe served 23,940 meals to children from low-income families in 13 area after-school programs.

For further information about our Children’s Programs, please contact us at (423) 622-1800.