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Hungry? We Can Help

Living Hopefully.

Grandmother Thankful for Your Support

An on–the–job injury in 2000 left Mary Ann unable to work. She says her back never fully healed, and it is now compounded by severe arthritis.

It is difficult for one person to live off a fixed income, but Mary Ann is doing her best to make her Social Security disability check stretch to feed herself and her grandson, Treshon.

“Sometimes we have to tighten the belt,” Mary Ann says.

Thanks to donors like you, Mary Ann receives the extra help she needs from the food pantry at First Southern Baptist Church in Pikeville, a partner agency of Chattanooga Area Food Bank.

“If this wasn’t here, it would be a world of hurt,” Mary Ann says.

Mary Ann says she does not waste one bit of food her family receives from the food pantry, which she supplements with produce she grows in her garden.

Mary enjoys cooking, and she’s especially thankful for the meat she receives because she can stretch it to provide several meals for her family.

Treshon, a high school senior, works hard to earn academic and athletic college scholarships, Mary says. It is important to her that Treshon has all the nutrition his body needs to perform at his best and your support makes sure he does.

“I really appreciate it,” Mary Ann says, as a smile spreads across her face.

During this holiday season, your gifts offer a helping hand to neighbors like Mary Ann. Your support is so greatly appreciated. Thank you!