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Hungry? We Can Help

Living Hopefully.

Helping Your Neighbors Make Ends Meet


Maria never imagined she would have to visit a food pantry to pick up groceries for her family. But when times got tough and she heard
about the school pantry at her daughters’ school, Maria was grateful for the assistance.
She said, “Usually, the beginning of the month is harder to make ends meet. We’ve got bigger bills at the first of the month than we do at the end. Sometimes we pay our bills and don’t have any money for groceries, so I have to come to the food pantry.”
Maria is especially concerned about keeping plenty of food on hand for her growing daughter, Lucia. She does not understand why it’s hard to buy groceries, and Maria has even had to make the choice to go without food so Lucia can have something to eat. She’s also made the difficult decision between paying for necessities like utilities or gas and buying food. She said, “Sometimes we buy food and my husband doesn’t have gas money for our car to get to work.” Maria is extremely grateful for the kindness of friends like you, who ensure food is available in her time of need.
The sad reality is that Maria is not alone. There are far too many families here in Southeast Tennessee and Northwest Georgia where at least one person in the household works, but it simply isn’t enough to cover their expenses. Thank you for caring about struggling children and families in our community, and for giving generously to help end hunger!
“I’d just like to thank whoever actually donates food for the people that come and get it,” she said. “We really need it. Thank you.”