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Hungry? We Can Help

Living Hopefully.

Hope Through Tragedy

Lindsey’s family has had one financial challenge after another ever since a fire ripped through their family home last year. Thankfully, your gifts have been there to help this family in a time of real need.

Since their tragedy, Lindsey and her husband have been staying with extended family, along with their two children, Kenneth, 8, and Kori, 5. Lindsey was recently hired at the same flooring company her husband works for. Though, even with a place to stay and a double income, they continue to struggle to catch up on bills and make ends meet.

Thankfully, both children receive free breakfasts and lunches at school. When summer comes, though, Lindsey and her husband will need to cover those meals, which equals 5-10 additional meals each week. When a family’s budget is already tight, this is quite a burden.

Because of generous donors and volunteers like you, there is help available! Recently, Lindsey saw a Facebook post about the Rhea County Mobile Pantry, a partner agency of the Food Bank. We met up with Lindsey and Kori there as they chose nutritious food to take home.

“Thanks,” Lindsey says to donors and volunteers like you. “Considering what we’ve been through, this has meant a lot.”

When unexpected disasters strike, countless children, families, seniors, and veterans can count on a healthy meal, thanks to your support. You’re providing hope to families facing hunger!