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Hungry? We Can Help

Living Hopefully.

Local Families Are Giving Thanks for You

Felicia and her daughter, Erica, 16, were devastated to lose their husband and father, Derrick. The pain of their sadness has been excruciating — and the impact on their family budget has been really tough, too.

When we spoke with Felicia at Hamilton County Baptist Ministry Center, a Food Bank partner in Chattanooga, she told us their fridge was bare and she had to take Erica to her aunt’s house for supper the night before. Sustaining themselves without Derrick’s income has been a real challenge.

Felicia has a job in home health care but can only work part-time — she’s been caring for her mother, Janice, for the past four years. She helps her manage her diet and medications and move safely since Janice has limited mobility.

We met Felicia on her very first visit to the Center, and the appreciation she has for your gifts was obvious. She told us how down she’s been between the death of her husband and her financial insecurity. Your support has been a bright spot for her and her daughter.

Erica hopes to attend college after she graduates and study forensic science. Because you choose to give, she’s on her way to a better future. Felicia’s so grateful she, her mother, her daughter and her aunt will be able to sit down to a special holiday meal together.

“Thank you so much for this food,” Felicia says. “There are so many families that need this help.”

As you celebrate the holidays this year, I hope you’ll remember the impact you’re making in the lives of neighbors like Felicia. Your gifts mean so much.