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Hungry? We Can Help

Living Hopefully.

Seniors in Our Community are Giving Thanks for You

Countless contributions from our senior neighbors helped to make our community what it is today. Now in their golden years, they deserve better than the worry of an empty table.

Fortunately, many older adults — like Alexander — can access the food they need to thrive because you choose to give.

Alexander joined the Air Force as a young man and was stationed Alaska in the ’50s and ’60s. He then worked for many years as a butcher before retiring in 1996. The same year he retired, his wife, Ora, passed away, and he’s been alone ever since.

Although he can typically make his budget stretch, living on a fixed Social Security income has been tough for Alexander. In addition to his other monthly expenses, affording enough groceries is often a challenge.

Fortunately, Alexander lives near the Mary Walker Towers Senior Living Apartments, where the Chattanooga Area Food Bank organizes a Senior Mobile Pantry site every three months, delivering food boxes filled with nutritious food older adults like him can use to make balanced meals.

At 82, Alexander’s still quite active — and he loves to cook. It’s a comfort and joy for him to be able to create nutritious meals, thanks to generous friends like you.

“I really appreciate this food,” he says, smiling down at the many items in his box. “It’s very helpful to me. All the food is excellent!”

You make a real difference for people who might otherwise go hungry. Thank you for sharing what you have!