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Hungry? We Can Help

Living Hopefully.

Thank You for Giving Kids the Fuel They Need to Thrive!

“We’re thankful that an agency like this exists,” Madison says as she fills her cart with fresh fruits and vegetables at First Presbyterian Food Pantry, a Food Bank partner near her home in Spring City. “Any amount of food helps us make it.”

Her husband, Ian, works in roofing, and his income can be really inconsistent. The uncertainty of his paychecks has been troublesome lately as the couple works to provide balanced meals for their two growing boys — Sloane, 1, and little Dean, just three weeks old.

Madison is at home with the boys right now since the high cost of childcare keeps her from working. She’s been stressed about filling her family’s kitchen with healthy food since business has been slow with Ian’s company.

Fortunately, Madison grew up as part of First Presbyterian’s congregation and used to volunteer there with her family. When we met her family at the church food pantry, she told us she was so glad to know she had somewhere to turn.

Madison’s especially grateful to be able to pick up fresh produce — like cherries, Sloane’s favorite. “This helps so much,” she says of the pantry.

Madison, Ian, and so many other parents and caregivers will be in a real bind this summer with the expense of meals for their children. Your generosity helps so much. Thank you for bringing hope to families facing hunger!