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Hungry? We Can Help

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Thank You for Helping Children Thrive

“The poverty issue is huge here,” says Seann Lewis, teacher at Palmer Elementary School in Grundy County. “There are hardly any jobs on the mountain.”

Of all the counties in Tennessee, Grundy has the highest poverty rate — and the families there are struggling. Seann teaches eighth grade and coordinates Palmer’s Chattanooga Area Food Bank Sack Pack program, which connects kids at risk of hunger with healthy weekend food they can easily fix for themselves.

Because the school is small and close-knit, Seann knows the needs of his students and understands how helpful the weekend Sack Packs are for their families. Many kids’ parents are unemployed or must travel great distances for work. With all of this being said, Seann knows several children in his classroom are at risk for hunger over the weekend.

Since Palmer began distributing Sack Packs, Seann has noticed improvements in his students’ academics and behavior. He says many boys and girls approach him to personally thank him for the bags of food.

“It’s comforting to know that the kids have something to eat over the weekend, thanks to this program,” Seann says.

When you support the Chattanooga Area Food Bank, you protect growing children from the damaging effects of hunger. Thank you for feeding the future of our community!