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Hungry? We Can Help

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You Give Kids Strength for Success

It may take every bit of strength 6–year–old Dimas has to hold up a gallon jug of milk, but thanks to you, he’ll have that milk and other healthy essentials to make him stronger as he returns to school this fall.

We met up with Dimas and his mother, Houraleia, at the Chattanooga Area Food Bank’s Mobile Food Pantry at Clifton Hills Elementary School. The school is within walking distance for the family, and they’ve visited the food distribution three times now.

Houraleia and her husband both work, but their collective income isn’t always enough to afford healthy groceries once all other bills are paid.

The family is especially thankful to take home items like fresh fruits, vegetables and milk that are typically too expensive for them at the grocery store. With your help, Dimas is getting the nutrients he needs to grow and develop — and to learn in school.

“Thank you to everybody that helps us,” says Houraleia.

Your support means healthy, fresh food can be delivered to neighborhoods where it’s needed the most. Many people who lack food in our service area also lack reliable transportation.

Mobile pantries are set up similarly to a farmer’s market, so people can choose what food they go home with. Because you give, your neighbors have access to fresh produce, meat and bread, along with an array of other groceries.

As for Dimas, he especially loves the milk.

Thank you for giving kids like Dimas access to the nutritious food they need to grow stronger! You’re making a brighter future possible for kids across our region.