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Hungry? We Can Help

Living Hopefully.

You Help Heather Provide for Her Family

Unexpected hardships, like a sudden injury, can cause real harm and lasting damage to a family’s budget. For Heather’s family, their money troubles began when her husband, Robert, suffered a back injury at work.

Robert is a welder, and he hasn’t been able to work since his accident. Heather works at a nursing home, but the family struggles to pay their bills and afford groceries on her income alone.

Lately, Heather and Robert have been skipping meals to ensure their young boys, Bryson, 2, and Dylan, 4, have enough to eat.

Thankfully, the family discovered East Chattanooga Church of God’s “Family 2 Family” food pantry, a partner agency of the Chattanooga Area Food Bank.

Heather says her family is so grateful for all the food they receive there, including fresh fruits and vegetables. Her kids especially enjoy the chicken and macaroni and cheese.

“This food helps us through the week when we are in between checks,” Heather explains of the groceries you help to provide. “We are very grateful for this gift of food.”

Your generosity changes lives for the better every day. Thank you for ensuring local parents, like Heather and Robert, can provide nutritious meals for their children this summer, despite difficult circumstances.