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Hungry? We Can Help

Living Hopefully.

You Share Hope in the Form of Nutritious Food

Sixty–five–year–old Patsy says it “feels like Christmas” every month when she receives groceries from the Meigs County Senior Mobile Pantry.

“I would be lost without you,” she says to Chattanooga Area Food Bank supporters like you.

It’s been six years since Patsy fell on ice, injuring her shoulder, knee and fingers. Today, she still deals with physical disabilities related to the fall and hasn’t been able to work since. She also lives alone.

“I had to sell all my valuables to live,” she says of her dire circumstances.

Eventually, Patsy had to give up her home and car. She moved into a low–rent senior living center, but still has little income to live on.

Patsy says she felt depressed about her circumstances, but the nutritious food she began receiving from the senior mobile pantry gave her the nourishment she needed — and a whole lot of encouragement.

“I was never hungry again,” she says, smiling.

Patsy often cares for her 6–year–old and 11–year–old grandchildren, so she’s delighted to be able to provide them nutritious food when they’re with her.

“This food changed my life,” she says. “I can pay bills now with your help.”

When you give, you bring hope to countless neighbors like Patsy. We are so grateful for your commitment to hunger relief in our community!