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Hungry? We Can Help

Living Hopefully.

You Share Hope with Families Like Katelyn’s

You make a real difference in the lives of neighbors like Katelyn. She’s been having a hard time providing for her two little girls — Skylar, 3, and Macie, 1.

Katelyn has a full-time job in retail but can’t always make her income stretch to cover her family’s needs. Things have been especially tight lately…

First, their apartment flooded and they had to move to a new home. Then, Katelyn’s car unexpectedly needed costly repairs. With the sudden extra expenses, Katelyn realized she didn’t have the means to feed her family.

When we met Katelyn at Rhea County Mobile Pantry near her home in Dayton, Tennessee, she told us their kitchen was bare. A friend had mentioned the monthly pantry distribution and she knew she needed to go pick up healthy food for her growing girls.

Skylar and Macie are good about eating fruits and vegetables — they especially love tomatoes. Katelyn’s so grateful to have your help in filling her family’s table with healthy food.

“This is wonderful what you’re doing,” Katelyn says to friends like you. “Thanks from the bottom of my heart.”

Your generosity changes lives for the better every day. Thank you for helping local families overcome unexpected hardships!