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Distribution Network

We help our partners do what they do best.


The Food Bank is a capacity builder, helping our nonprofit partners fulfill the mission that we share: to take care of those most in need. More than 80% of the food we source is distributed through these partner agencies. By leveraging our manufacturing and retail relationships, both the Food Bank and our partners can purchase more food with less money. We act as a resource for our partners, providing nutrition education and food safety training, and sharing best practices through constant communication that includes monthly e-newsletters, regular in-person meetings and regional network meetings.

Become a Partner Agency

How our Network Works

  • Leverage relationships to source food
  • Provide nutrition education, safety training and best practices to agency networks
  • Rally the region around the Food Bank's mission to healthfully serve those in need and ultimately, eliminate hunger.
  • Receive food from the Food Bank for a small fee or no cost, and distribute to the hungry in our region
  • Put Food Bank standards into practice, and share knowledge with fellow partners
  • Have a visible presence in neighborhoods and communities across the region, and serve those in need, so that hunger is eliminated