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Caring For Kids

Growing up hungry makes growing up hard.

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Hunger affects the way children learn and develop. In our area, a projected one in four children doesn’t know where their next meal is coming from. Programs geared toward feeding children provide nourishment for growing bodies, and can become a way to educate entire families about the availability of food assistance.

Sack Packs

During the weekend, many children go hungry without access to free or reduced-price school meals. That’s why nearly 2,000 children receive Sack Packs from the Chattanooga Area Food Bank each Friday across our region. Each sack contains basic, healthy food items—cereal, milk, juice, fruit, granola bars, soup, and even recipes—that will help sustain children through the weekend. It only costs $3.00.

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School Mobile Pantries

Mobile Pantries are held monthly at schools across our 20-county region. Each pantry serves an average of 350 children and each child receives about 40 pounds of food, largely consisting of fresh produce. We set up our pantries in a farmer's market style, emphasizing nutrition and health, with the goal of increasing family access to healthy foods by way of their kids. This year, we plan to add cooking demonstrations and ancillary health education services to these pantries, particularly those held in rural areas.

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