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Emergency Response

Hope for empty tables.

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Host a food drive, and keep our pantry full.

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Emergency Food boxes

Many people in Chattanooga are in urgent need of food. Whether they are retired, disabled, earning barely enough to pay their rent, they can find immediate help at the Food Bank. We distribute 30-pound boxes of non-perishable foods to needy families, who are issued food vouchers from area agencies. Last year, approximately 14,000 boxes were shared with more than 2,000 families each month – many of which included produce grown in our garden!

Emergency ReSponse

In times of disaster, many people can lose access to food, often with no warning or time to prepare. The Food Bank sources and funnels additional resources to those who are affected by storms, floods, fires and other emergency situations. During Chattanooga Area emergencies, we collaborate with first responders, community organizations and agency partners to provide food, beverages and other essentials to those who are impacted.