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How We Source Food

Where our food comes from is just as important as where it goes.

The Food Bank sources more than 11 million pounds of food annually. Much of this food comes from the kind donations of retailers, manufacturers and local farmers. But we also purchase food at reduced prices because of our buying power—which is why donated dollars can go much farther than donated food items. And as a member of Feeding America, we can further leverage our dollars to get more food for less, a savings that we pass along to our partner agencies.

Where Our Food Comes From

Food sourcing offerings include:

USDA Government Commodities: Free products for agencies that meet government requirements

Free Products: Time-sensitive, mass bulk, damaged and seasonal products are often offered at no service fee; more than 50% of the food that CAFB offers to other non-profits are free of charge.

Purchased Products: We purchase staple items requested by our partner agencies. By pooling agency requests, we can buy in bulk, at a discounted rate. Agencies benefit from our local and national supplier relationships – not only because we are a one stop shop for them, but because they can procure products they need at a cost equal to, or less than, any other source.

Discounted Products: Canned or cased items offered to non-profit organizations for a small fee, which helps cover logistics

Fresh Foods: Through partnerships with local farmer, CAFB can consistently access and distribute fresh, locally grown foods grown at a reduced rate, or no cost. This allows us to fulfill our two-fold mission: eliminate hunger in our region, while promoting better nutrition.

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Currently, our 40,000-square-foot warehouse is completely full with over 1 million pounds available to our agency partners. If monetary and food donations stopped today, our warehouse would be empty in less than three weeks.

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